portrateFrom The Desk Of Cameron Peddycord
North of Little Deschutes River, OR

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted just to make some simple consistent money online?

Without holes to jump through, without building complex websites or spending piles of cash on product research and development?

What if there was a known way to make money online …that worked every time regardless of your experience or money to invest.

What if other online entrepreneurs just like you have been using this method for years because it’s simple and it just plain works!

Would You Like To Cash In On The Holiday Shopping Craze, While Everyone Else Is Spending Their Money Like Wildfire?

If you answered yes, then Amazon FBA is for you.

But before we go further, let me make one thing completely clear.

This isn't one of those "get rich quick" courses that promises you a fortune for doing nothing.

Here's the deal.

The system I outline in the eBook is working great for me, and I believe it can help you too.

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world! With over 100 Billion Dollars in sales growth!

Many people are doing extremely well on Amazon FBA, and the trend is only continuing to grow.

If you'd like to be a part of this trend, I can show you how (all you have to do is follow the directions and work hard).

With that said .. let me show you exactly what you're getting.


Introducing the Azon Arbitrage Blueprint!

aab-coverFirst off, this isn't like any other eBook you've read before.  There's no Fluff or Filler, Just Battle-Tested Tactics That Are Working Right Now. 

And it's easy to read.

At 36 pages, you can read it in a single sitting. And you'll immediately "get" the same proven system I use to create consistent monthly income using Amazon FBA.

Here's a fraction of what's inside

  • A Step by Step eBook detailing how to cash in with Amazon FBA through the power of Retail Arbitrage.
  • Scale this method as much as you want, start small or big, it doesn’t matter, everyone can find success.
  • Work on your own time, your profits are limited only by your hustle.
  • A surefire method that works anywhere in the world.
  • Best of all You don’t need a website, a product, or even any experience. I’ll walk you through simple step by step instructions.
  • Anyone can do this, anyone!

But it gets even better...

Advanced FBA Mastery Training ...Free

Action Takers BONUS Welcome Kit!

comboboxAs a new member you get instant access to the FBA Profit Mastery Training free … TODAY!

I want you to get results… FAST and I’m going to give you everything I can do make that happen.

So as an additional gift to you, I’m including access to the advanced video training course FBA Profit Mastery.

This is exclusive training for fast action takers only …And you’re getting it for FREE!

Here's what's inside:

  • VIDEO 1: Overview: In this video I’m going to give you an introduction of what Amazon FBA is and how you can use this to your online business’ advantage.
  • VIDEO 2: What Is FBA: Here in this video I’ll discuss what FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) is so that you’ll have a better understanding of what FBA does.
  • VIDEO 3: How Does Amazon FBA Work: Discover in this video how does Fulfillment By Amazon work to better learn how it can help you and your business.
  • VIDEO 4: Setting Up Your Seller Account: I’ll provide detailed information on how to set up your seller account in Amazon in this video.
  • VIDEO 5: Two Kinds of FBA Accounts: In this video, learn in detail what the two kinds of FBA accounts are so that you can have a better idea on which account to use.
  • VIDEO 6: Can Your Item Be Sold: Know in this video which products can be sold and cannot be sold by knowing the restricted products and brands.
  • VIDEO 7: Categories Requiring Approval: In this video learn the different categories that a professional seller in Amazon can have.
  • VIDEO 8: FBA Fee Example: I’ll discuss in this video the various fees that come with the Amazon FBA.
  • VIDEO 9: Helpful Amazon Seller Tools: In this video, learn helpful Amazon selling tools that you’ll need and that will be greatly helpful to you in your FBA business.
  • VIDEO 10: Best Practices For Listing: Discover in this video the best practices when it comes to the listing process and why you need to do these practices too.
  • VIDEO 11: Preparing Your Items For Shipping: Know how to prepare your product before shipping it to Amazon’s warehouse in this video.
  • VIDEO 12: Amazon FBA Shipping Tips: I’ll discuss in this video tips and other helpful information regarding packing and shipping.
  • VIDEO 13: Conclusion: This video is a wrap-up of the topics covered by this course.


Having worked with Cameron on various projects over the past few months I can vouch that this guy really does know his stuff when it comes to e-commerce and in particular Amazon.

I have looked over Azon Arbitrage Blueprint and trust me, there is some truely excellent content in this product.

Its simply a MUST BUY for anyone Amazon...

Jamie C


The “cost” of this course is $9.00, and you get immediate access to all the training's through a members only website.

As soon as you place your order, you’ll get an automated receipt with your login details to access all the training content in the member’s portal.

You can access it instantly, anywhere, anytime.

And in case you’re wondering…


I realize this is very inexpensive ...so you might be asking yourself what the “catch” is.

I know some other offers give you a great deal upfront and then inundate you with back end offers.

This isn’t one of them. 

There are no hidden “One Time Offers” or anything remotely like that.

I’m literally giving you access to the entire course training, for $9.00, as a means of “putting my best foot forward” and giving you real value.

My hope is that you’ll love the course, and use the methods I’ve provided to start and grow your Amazon business for years to come.

But, with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:


I’m only offering the course at this price now through the holidays, after which the price will increase Three-Fold.

This offer is my holiday gift to you, with the idea that you’ll be very impressed with what I’m giving you and continue to do business with me in the future...

In fact, I know you’re going to enjoy this course so much that I’m offering an Iron Clad - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


If you can honestly tell me that my guide didn’t help you start your Amazon Business and make money from FBA I’ll give you a 100% refund no questions asked, so you have nothing to lose. I’ll even let you keep the course training as a token of my appreciation for trying it out.

Hows that for fair?


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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cameron Peddycord


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